Drilling Equipment

Basic support

VRM, with over 50 years of experience in well drilling technology, has specialized in the provision of hand drilling and pumping equipment for rural development. It has developed special hand operated equipment for drilling wells which meet all the essential requirements.
Equipment which is easily transported, simple to use and which requires only limited maintenance – and then only after long periods of operation. Furthermore, essential working parts subject to the greatest wear can generally be replaced with locally available materials, thereby reducing reliance on technical assistance or spare parts both of which may be difficult to obtain.

For all environments

VRM can provide well drilling equipment to suit every kind of need in almost every type of environment – bush, hill country or lowland plain.
Equipment which needs only the most basic understanding to put in place and operate effectively.

Equipment available

VRM is able to provide complete well drilling sets. These can include sturdy heavy duty steel tripods, hand winches ans PVC screens and casings, together with complete augers sets. This all to suit a wide range of well depths and water supply demands.
In this moment we offer two complete kits in accordance the Oxfam specifications:
the Survey Auger Kit WAS


We can imagine that these specific knowledge may cause you some ambiguities. Our sales and technicall staff will be pleased to assist you and can inform about your possible specific requirements and the possibilities VRM can offer.
So, please contact us for further information and to discuss any you may have.

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