Below are some frequently asked questions including the answers.
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From what depth and to which water depth can I pump up with the SWN80?

With the SWN80 the groundwater can be pumped up from a minimum of 1 meters to 40 meters maximum. Before you consider to use and place the SWN80 it is good to research what the average depth of the groundwater is.

Does the SWN80 needs maintenance?

In principle, the pump requires no maintenance. It is designed for trouble free operation and maintenance for several years. The pump is built and composed of high quality materials which are not affected by the often harsh environmental conditions.

Can the pump be operated by anyone?

Yes, the pumphandle is easy to operate by young and old.
Should you feel it too heavy to operate than it is possible to lengthen and simultaneously aggravate the handle (optional part) to create a greater leverage to pump more easier.

Can I only pump groundwater or can the SWN80 also pump from a tank or pond?

In fact, the SWN80 is specially designed for pumping up groundwater. With an adjustment you can also pump out of a tank. In this case it is good to realize and wonder if this is permissible and sensible; circulating water from a closed basin can be dangerous because of infection-risk. Therefore it is discouraged.

I do not see any prices listed on this site. How do I know which one or more pumps will cost me?

By simply asking price with us.
The pump has a unit-price. The final amount is made (and dependent) on factors such as total depth and the necessary packaging and transport.
Our staff will be pleased to inform you.

Can I place the pump myself?

With some basic technical knowledge the SWN80 can be placed by themselves.
To bore the hole is specialist work and should be outsourced. On request, we advise you to a certified company, familiar with this matter and who can achieve the whole arrangement for the client.

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